Hi, my name is Flora Chang, so lovely to meet you! 

Here are a few short and sweet facts about me; if you like to read more, please scroll down for the longer story.

* I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, long long time ago.

* I studied graphic design in grad school, from 1998-2001. 

* Received MFA degree from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

* I now work in Kansas City, Missouri.

* I've been a designer/illustrator for Hallmark Cards since 2001.

* I love to design and illustrate for kids and kids at heart.

* I love to draw and make stuff with my hands.

* I love going to flea markets and eating ice cream.

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I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I love to draw since I was a little kid and have always dreamed to be able to draw for a living someday. My parents were both teachers and very creative. Growing up, I remember going to different classes and workshops with my mom, and she was always making stuff with her hands, even until this day. They have always fostered my creativity, but at the same time, they did not want me to grow up to be a starving artist. Thus I didn't pursuit an art education until I decided to go to San Francisco in 1998. (Those three years in San Fran are among the best years of my life.) I graduated in 2001 from Academy of Art University with an MFA degree in graphic design and was hired by Hallmark Cards before my graduation. I have now lived and worked in Kansas City as a full time designer & illustrator for almost 12 years, making children's products. I love my job; my office is like a big art school where I work and learn from many artists everyday.

 I love to make and draw stuff for kids and adults alike, and I always carry my sketchbook and a black marker pen with me wherever I go. I am most happy when I am doodling, creating, and learning. If I am not making something, I am not me. I am most inspired by colors, organic forms, folk arts, vintage children's illustrations, and objects with beautiful textures and lines.

I am truly thankful and feel so blessed to be able to draw and share my art with you. I hope my works will make you feel warm, happy and put a smile on your face.



My favorite activity © Flora Chang | Happy Doodle Land
Peek into my sketch book © Flora Chang | Happy Doodle Land
My constant companions: my sketchbook and a fine line Sharpie pen.

My constant companions: my sketchbook and a fine line Sharpie pen.