Funny Hat Friends-Swapping/Giveaway

I first did this illustration as part of my paper experiment (as mentioned in my previous post). Then, last night I did bunch of oil pastel backgrounds for future usage, and I popped some of them into the illustration to see how the textures look like.

Also I printed out some little note cards using this image, but since they were printed before I did the oil pastel, they have flat colors instead of textures; the background is actually a muted greenish grey instead of light taupe, and the red has a little orange tone in it. I only have 10 of them; if you would like me to mail you one for a little swapping, just let me know in your comment and also email me your address. Or if you really want one but have nothing to swap with, it would be ok, too! I will post a notice as soon as I run out of them! (The actual card size is 5 1/8" by 3 3/4", and the image is about 2 5/8" by 4".)

Note: 10.18.07, all my little cards are now on their way to new homes all over the world! I am so flattered! :D