I have questions!

I've spent my whole weekend experimenting how to transfer images onto a wood surface. I used to do collage artworks and the methods I've done include using pure acetone, gel medium, heat tool, and contact papers. But I have never tried to use iron-on inkjet transfer papers onto wood directly, so I tried, and as you can see in the photo, it sort of worked... but it's very very difficult for me to control the result. (I don't know if the problem is me or the transfer paper?) Plus the ones I've tried here are all pretty small images; I would love to do a much bigger piece if I know how.

I searched high and low on the internet and saw two products that caught my eyes: Lazertran (a water-slide decal) and Sheer Heaven. My problem is, I want the transfered image to look like it blends in with the material, instead of sitting on it like a decal. The information I got from Lazertran's website says to use real turpentine and the image will actually melt into the wood. That sounds pretty good to me. As for Sheer Heaven, it just looks like this incredible product that allows you to do everything you can imagine, but its website doesn't really provide enough information about transferring images to wood. So I am still confused...

Has anyone tried to transfer images onto wood and got really good result? (I really want to get a clean and crisp transferred image, and I'd like to paint the wood first, and then transfer images on top of it.) And if you have used either Lazertran or Sheer Heaven, could you tell me if they are worth trying? (They are not that cheap...) I will be so thankful for any pointer from you!