Moving office

My whole team at work is relocating to another building. I totally forget how much work it involves when it comes to moving because it has been 5 years since my last move. And BOY, 5 years means accumulation of a lot of junks. I just can't believe how much clutter I have in my tiny space... I discovered (just a tiny bit of example here, on top of all my toys and books): 2 pairs of shoes (one pair still in the box) from my drawer, 2 sets of stereos, 2 pairs of big broken wireless headphones, 2 jackets, 5 flower vases... I even have a steamer (just in case I want to steamed up some frozen dumplings); what was I thinking? I am surprised I didn't find a rice cooker and a wok! Anyway, I have to throw away a lot of junks and I am bringing 3 boxes of stuff home for donations later. I have to keep telling myself: if I don't even remember I have something, then I can do without it. Actually, it feels great to clean up and start fresh! I am just hoping I don't clutter up my space again... at least not so fast.

After note:
One week later, my move is finally done! Look how clean my office is (for now)... I even have a little Latin corner going on, and I display my plastic luchador figures along the wall!! The last picture is the view right behind me... I got a whole row of floor to ceiling window! Isn't that nice?