My New Old Chandelier + Some Other Thoughts

YAY!!!!! I finally got my oldie chandelier installed this morning. For the longest time I don't have proper lighting in my dining room and I've been searching for a fancier (but not too frou frou) old chandelier over my table. I saw this wood/brass fixture in a local antique mall for $225... I LOVED it but it was too much for me. However, couple of weeks later I was lucky enough to see someone was selling the exactly same one for only $35 on eBay. Well, not exactly $35 cause parts of it broke druing shipping and I had to take it to the lamp maker to get it fixed, plus I hired an electrician to install it for me this morning, which leads to another story: after the guy left, I changed the light bulbs to chrystal ones and I tightened them up a little too much, and as soon as I flipped the switch on, my dimmer got burned. I had to call my electrician back right away and he got me a new dimmer and fixed it for me. The lesson learned here: don't tighten the light bulbs too much when you deal with an antique fixture... it might cause a short in it. Now I know...

I've been trying to only post about my own works on this blog and keep all the other stuff (like this post you are reading) on my sleepyjellyfish blog, but I am wondering maybe I should just keep everything on this blog since it's all about my life anyway plus this one has more visitors... Perhaps you can give me some suggestions!

I am gonna take a soldering class all afternoon tomorrow. I've never done that... this should be interesting! In my perfect fantasy world, once I learn it, I can make beautiful charms like what Sally Jean make... Of course, it's not that simple and easy but I am still really excited! I will keep you guys posted! XO