Little Wire+Button Tree

My dear friend and I were lucky enough to find two more of these small wire trees (the same style that appeared in my earlier post) in the local antique shop for just $11 each. I made these little wooden buttons for him to decorate his tree. I had to do it in a real hurry yesterday afternoon since my band had a gig last night and my friend needed to catch an early flight this morning. But I got it done and thought they turned out alright, until I put them on the tree and then realized that all I could see was the backside since they are not rounded as traditional ornaments!!! Ahhhhh... so I added punched-outs from my old book and that helped. I hope his co-workers would be jealous of his new tree! Heehee... I know it might be too girly for a man, but come on, it's hand-made. It's the thought that counts! : )