Book of Fernando Botero's Drawings

I don't know how this subject even came up during our conversation today, but Robert told me that he found it odd that I don't like Botero's works because judging by what I draw and my style, he thinks I would love them because they are so comical. It's not that I don't like his artworks, it's just I've never really taken a good look. But today after we talked, I finally did my research and I have to say that they are really starting to grow on me, especially his drawings. So I ordered this book from It's not a new book but it will be my first Botero book and I can't wait for it to arrive! I will try to show more of the images when the book gets here. Meanwhile, here is one of the Botero paintings I love (don't know how old/new it is)! The image was taken from this link. It made me laugh just to see the tiny chubby dog in the fat lady's arms. Also, here is a good flickr link to view lots of Botero's sculptures around the world.

(PS: Happy Birthday, Robsie.)