Saturday Bookstore Hops, Art Inspirations and A Page from My Sketchbook

I am still waiting for my Botero Drawings book, but I went to our library at work on Friday and they had a copy of the same book, so I checked it out and I can tell you, it is awesome. I am so glad that I ordered it; it's definitely worth every penny.

So yesterday I drove around town to different bookstores to see if they have any other books about the artist; all I could find was one little book, but it was marked for only $4 so I got it. I also targeted a great Picasso box set and a book featuring Bosch's "The Garden of Earthly Delights" which amazes me everytime I look at it; those will be my next book purchase.
(By the way, you have to check out this link. They actually make action figures out of the painting! Unbelievable!)

After that, I went home and just enjoyed my evening. Nothing beats winding down with an art book, TV and doodling in my sketchbook, especially after my crazy busy week/weeks at work. Here is another page from my sketchbook. Two of the little characters were actually modeled after these Botero paintings shown here (images taken from the book). Can you find which two? :)

(Top: Excursion to the Volcano, 1966, Oil on canvas; Bottom: Picnic in the Mountains, 1966, Oil on canvas)