Flower Brooches

I've been on vacation for 11 days since the weekend before Christmas and it feels like eternity. Finally I have to go back to work tomorrow... I didn't really do anything constructive during my break except eating, sleeping (a lot) and watching TV. Why? Because it's too darn cold!!! We have had snow every other day, and even though it's not snowing right at this moment, it's freezing! I think it is like below zero outside right now due to the wind chill. Bbbbbrrrrr!!!! But I did make some crochet flowers (that's as far as I can do when it comes to crochet... crochet is just so confusing to me) and turned them into brooches. I felted some of them and I like the different layers of textures on them. It's so addictive; I can just sit in front of my TV and do that all day. I am sure I will be adding more into the batch! You can click here to see each flower individually.