A page from my sketchbook tonight

I have so much work and I have to bring work home and do sketches tonight. But as soon as I opened my book, I started to doodle something totally unrelated to my job. I first did a chef girl holding a cupcake, but quickly everything just went out of control; that's what happens when you try to do work on a couch in front of the TV. Before I realized, my whole night was gone. Oh well... here is a scan of a totally unaltered image of my sketchbook page (I did colored some line works red so they show better because they overlap with each other). I thought it might be fun to show so at least it doesn't go wasted... I have to say I was looking at Mary Blair's books earlier so that angel girl was doodled after one of her character from "The New Golden Song Book" which I think is out of print, but you need to get it if you could find one!