Pen Report

I got a few new pens yesterday, both from the store and from my mail order. It was like Christmas for me again... On top of that, I finally finished the old sketch book and started a new one, and I couldn't wait to test my new pens. So here are the first pen report from me. It was scanned straight from the page at 300 dpi then reduced to 150 dpi, without any retouching. You can really see the difference and line quality between each pen.

The pens I used are: Martha Stewart Crafts 0.5mm fine tip writing pens in different colors; Sakura Pigma Micron 0.3mm in black (which I've been using all the time), Pilot Precise V5 extra fine, and Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm in Black as well. I've had used the Hi-Tec-C while I was at school back in San Francisco and loved it so much, but I can't find it in store where I live now. Thanks to my very talented friend and an amazing artist Maura ... she posted about this pen on her blog "fragmented" (you have to check what Maura did with her orange pen... it's so fun!) and the online store where she got it. I ordered a whole box and it arrived within 2 days. Talked about fast service!