Hobo and The Mysterious Creature + A wild Party

Last night we had a combined birthday party for two of our dear girlfriends. One of them is Mimi (yup... the muse of the "Chomp Chomp Chicken") and Mimi LOVES hobos, so I drew this birthday card for her! We had Greek food in a restaurant called Tasso's, and man, I have no words to describe my experience cause there were just too much going on! On top of the flaming cheese and awesome food, you got breaking plates, staff yelling "Opa!" every few minutes, live guitar and keyboard playing music from traditional Greek tunes to Abba's "Dancing Queen", a hobo man named "JazzBo" (as a Jazz Hobo) palying a trumpet and a big conch shell... and best of all, a belly dancer dancing her way in between the tables! Wow... it was crazy but we all had a fun night!