Woodburning + Retro Kid Flickr Pool + Javier

I tried woodburning for the very first time during the weekend. I think my burner is too hot (950 degree F) and it burns really really fast... I need to shop for a temperature controller so I can adjust it and maybe have better control over the lines. But so far I like it; it feels like drawing on wood. If you have any suggestions please let me know! :)

Also, remember to take a look at the Retro Kid Flickr pool that has thousands of images contributed by people around the world. What a great source of inspiration!

And then, this is not really related to doodling or anything... but please allow me to just say this: isn't Javier Bardem the most adorable man ever? For some reason I totally missed the Oscar, but my co-worker showed me this clip and I just think it's so sweet that he brought his mom as his date. Now I really want to watch No Country for Old Men. He is HOT!