Bad tooth update

Thank you all so so much for your kind wishes about my toothache... You guys are the best! Here is the update that I promised:

I went in Thursday at 9 A.M. for my very first root canal. And NO, I didn't use the laughing gas. Oh, I so wanted to try the laughing gas because I had never had it before and all my friends were telling me how much they love it. So I did ask for it but then my dentist came back and delivered me the bad news: their oxygen tank was running low and only got 10 minutes worth of oxygen left; that apparently wouldn't be enough. So we went ahead without it (At this point, I was crying inside and wondering "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???" I felt like a pig waiting to be butchered...)

Nevertheless, the procedure went ahead without any problem. It did take them 5 shots to get me numbed, but once I was numbed I didn't feel a thing. The only thing was that my jaw got really tired cause I had to open my mouth really wide for like 90 minutes... no fun!

My teeth and gum did hurt A LOT after the drug wore off and that made me start to doubt if everything was done OK and if the tooth next to the bad one was actually bad too and needed to be fixed as well. But after 24 hours (without taking more pain killer because I wanted to know if I am actually healing), I am feeling a lot better. I hope it will stay this way... :)

PS: Now I know root canal is really not worse than having your tooth filled. It just takes long time but that's it. I've got all my wisdom teeth pulled and those were worse. My most glorious dental record happened when I lived in Taiwan. I went to the dentist across the street from my office during my afternoon break, asked him to pull out my 2 wisdom teeth, and then went back to my office and kept working...