I accidentally ran into these clips posted by maddstickers on YouTube and it totally grabbed my attention. I've never done screen print before but I know the traditional screen print method requires emulsions and chemicals like that, and it can make a mess. But seems like they use a new kind of screen print materials in these clips and it looks so easy, so I checked EZScreenPrint.com and sure enough, they do have these new kind of PhotoEZ screens and require no chemicals to develope. I am going to dig around a little bit more and I might get a kit to play with it. It sure looks fun.

If any of you guys have tried this before, would you let us know how you like it, please? :)

After note:
I searched more on the internet. Seems like there is another product called StencilPro which has all the same properties as PhotoEZ but is one step up. (Don't know the they from the same manufactor.) Check here to see the product line.

PhotoEZ Shirt Tutorial Part 1: Creating the Image

PhotoEZ Shirt Tutorial Part 2: Creating the Screen

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