Hallmark Competition

Ok... I am not allowed to enter this competition but I'd love to spread the words. For you talented creative folks, this is your chance to make a card and make a difference. Hallmark has been hosting fun contests since last year, and the latest competition, "YourHoliday', will be open for submissions from July 28 till August 18, 8 am. This time, the formats will be flat-cards, the kind that people stick on their fridges around holiday-time. Your challenge is to create a design to go on a such a card, and also to make sure your design will look good with someone else's holiday photo next to it. Come on people, this is FUN, plus if your design become one of the finalists, you will be famous, you will get paid (I assume), and the company will donate 8% of the sale to the Global Fund where all (RED) money go directly to Africa to help eliminate AIDS. It's for a good cause plus it's just simply fun to create holiday designs.

Here are some simple basics to get you started, but please go to the competition's official website for detailed information:

*Create a 5.25" x 7.25" (vertical) or 7.25" x 5.25" (horizontal) design to go on a flat photo card. (The final printed size will be 5"x7"... that little 0.25" is for the "bleed". Click here if you are still confused.)

*Design can be anything from the most simple drawing to something more fancy. You can include words in the design or not.

*It must be about the holidays, of course.

*It has to include the color red somewhere in the design. (How much or how little is your call.)

*Write a little sentiment to go with your design. Short. Sweet. To-the-point.

*Make it your original work. No cheating.

So why don't you get started now?