Ice Cream Man

This ice cream quest of mine is getting out of control. While I searched the internet for the cheapest giant plastic ice cream cone (BTW, I actually found a listing of the giant cone on the local Craigslist for only $5), I ran into this:

DO I NEED IT?? Not really... But man, do I WANT it! Can you blame me??? Oh come on, look at it, people, just look at it. It's PINK! And it makes ice cream just like the kind you can buy at Dairy Queen, the fluffy, soft, creamy ice cream... How can you not want it? Plus I can make my own "healthy" organic ice cream and I know exactly what goes into it... I can bring it to work and make ice cream for my co-workers' birthday parties... I can also have an ice cream party at my house. I can make ice cream for my boyfriend and enjoy his tears of appreciation... I can also make ice cream for my future kids and their classmates and I will be the most popular mom ever... I am very tempted to click the BUY IT button at the website at this moment. Very, very tempted...