Happy Chinese Father's Day + New Studio Space

First, let me tell you that today is not only the opening day for Beijing Olympics, it's also my 10 year anniversary being in America. I came here on August 8, 1998 (which by the way, is also Father's Day for Chinese) to go to grad school in San Francisco. So YAY!!! 10 years and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my dad! And a thank-you to all my friends here; you have loved me and I wouldn't be able to survive 10 years in a foreign country by myself.

Second, i finally got my studio cleaned up and rearranged!!! (If you don't remember how it was before, look at this.) Took me a whole week to do so and I am really tired right now. I've been only sleeping for about 3 hours everyday for the past week, but that's just me....when i start something I don't like to quit until I get it done. Not a very good habit sometimes. So here are the pictures as promised earlier. As you can see it's all cleaned up (at least in that space; it's a different story in my basement cause I dumped everything there and still need to sort through lots of craps... but I can do it slowly later.) The 2 giant tables are from Target and I highly recommend it. (Note: I put them together by myself even thought it's really a 2 people job. it's not hard to assemble at all but just chunky.) They are really sturdy and solid and also offer a lot of work space. I also had to purchase two antique cabinets for more storage but they are so cheap... I love antique malls.

Last but not least, please check out my pal Sarah's blog. She posted a super super sweet bird drawing. It's so darling!