Brief recap of Softee's Opening Gig for Maroon 5 + Counting Crows Concert

Some photos from our last Friday evening gig.

Technically speaking, Softee did open for the Counting Crows + Maroon 5 concert in the Starlight Theater, but on a different stage (a much smaller one in the VIP area, just around the corner of the huge big stage)... We played 2 mini sets; didn't get paid but we got free dinner and enjoyed an awesome concert for free as well! Our seats were not bad at all; We could see the stage pretty well. The guy (Paul) who invited us to play this gig was so nice and supportive of us, and he told us that we could possibly open for The Killers next year ON THAT HUGE STAGE!!!! Really?? For real?? On THAT STAGE???? Man, I am going to pee my pants if that really happens! Over all, it was a super fun night with the perfect weather for us to play an outdoor gig.

(We didn't get to meet and greet Maroon 5 because of some timing issue, but it didn't spoil the fun at all. They were awesome on the stage, and Counting Crows gave a super great live act too!)

Starlight Setting Up

During the Break

After The Gig

This is how big that stage really is...

Starlight Theater

Maroon 5 on the stage...

Maroon 5 on Stage