Artist: Dick Daniels

(All artworks by Dick Daniels)

This is a quick shout out for my buddy Dick Daniels! I've blogged about Dick's artworks before in my old blog... Well, it is this time of the year again. Dick will be showing his awesome awesome artworks at the Westport Art Fair in Kansas City starting this Friday. If you haven't seen his works, I suggest you go check out his website "FunHouse57". Super fun stuff! Talk about putting artworks on woods, he is the master (and I LOVE how he uses found wood so each piece is different)! He also makes really fun ceramic pieces like skulls and bunny+kitty heads! If you are not in the K.C. area, you can still browse his online shop or you can just email him I believe!

This photo is taken from Dick's site... Look how awesome the display is! It's like a candy shop.

And I put this FUNHOUSE sign above my loveseat in the studio.