What I am up to right now and bunch of other stuff

Practice sketches of my feet and left hand
I am currently reading this wonderful book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. It's been around for a long time but this is the first time for me to read it. I am almost half way through and I can already see improvement in my realistic drawings. I am a designer, not a fine artist, and I've never taken any real fine art lessons at school, so it's true when I said that I am not good at realistic drawings like human forms or faces or other objects in our life. But I have always loved to see portraits or figure drawings, and I wish I could do that, too. This book has helped me understand how to draw from my right brain and how to really see as an artist, and I had a lot of fun doing the practices instructed by the author. I think anybody who wish to draw better (even though if you are already an artist who draws well) will really benefit from reading this book.

On top of me reading this book and practice everyday after work, my mommy is visiting me from Taiwan for a month. So if I am not too productive in the blog land, that is why. 

Also, there is a article about my band Softee in today's local newspaper. You can read it online here if you wish. Here is the photo of us taken from the article. They shoot bunch of nice photos outdoors but ended up using this one inside the studio. I only wish they had used some color paper as the background or at least cropped out those junk behind us. Oh well... The article makes everything sound more dramatic than it really was; maybe it's just the newspaper style.

Softee photo on KC Star

And last but not least... a lot of you guys are asking me why I don't have an Etsy shop. I really am very flattered that you guys think my works are worth being displayed in your homes. The truth is that I am not allowed to have income other than my full-time job due to my foreigner status right now. (As for my band stuff, I never get paid a dime that's why... I am doing it as a hobby and I love it.) As soon as it becomes legal for me to do so, I will set up a shop. I promise.  Hopefully it's in the near future that's not so far away.  :)