Do you love skulls? I DO!!!

Artwork by Maura Cluthe

I should have posted about this long time ago. During Christmas, my friend and artist Maura Cluthe dropped by my office and gave me one of her "partly cloudy chance of skulls" screen prints. What a surprise!!! (It's now proudly displayed in my studio! Thanks, Maura!!!) At that time, she told me that she took a screen printing lesson, but I didn't really get the name of the place she told me about until reading her blog yesterday. (BTW, I have LOTS of catching ups to do when it comes to reading blogs...) She took a lesson at the Art Incubator here in KC, and these awesome pieces of skulls are the result from that workshop. She posted two parts stories (part 1 + part2) in her blog about her experience and the process of making these skully prints. They are also available in her shop for only $25; it's a steal because they are limited editions, plus Maura went in and drew on each piece using gel pens so each one is unique and different! If you love skulls, better get over there and get a copy before they are all gone!

PS: After reading Maura's blog, I seriously want to take the silkscreen lesson at the Art Incubator too! Do any of my friends in KC want to come along?