Señor Elefante

El Elefante

This is just part of a little project I gave myself starting a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought I am going to do a whole Spanish alphabet animal chart, but I am not sure if every alphabet has an animal under it? (Maybe you guys can help me figure it out.) But at least I can do a Chinese zodiac chart with only 12 animals... (lazy me... bad bad...)

So far, I've got:
El Elefante
El Mono
El Ratón
El Gallo
La Cabra
La Serpiente
El Cerdo
La Tortuga
El Buey
El Tigre
El Caballo

Some of them are done; some are only in sketch form.
I will add them to my blog little by little on my own pace.

And tonight I turned Señor Elefante into a real painting. It was fun to do.
(It's 6" by 6".)

El Elefante Painting