Celebrating 3x3 with artist Gustavo Aimar

Invitación 3 x3, originally uploaded by Gustavo Aimar.

One of my favorite artist Gustavo Aimar is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of his blog. Gustavo has created a special blog called 3x3, and you are all invited to create a tiny piece of artwork of your own, 3 cm x 3 cm (not inches), if you'd like to participate. He stressed the importance to do the actual artwork on a 3cm by 3cm scale, instead of scanning an existing artwork and scale it down. With that in mind, you can use any materials and there is no limit on the topic. This is not a contest and there's no prize, just simply sharing a creative space. If you'd like to contribute, email Gustavo at aimargus@gmail.com with your 300 dpi / 3 cm x 3 cm JPG file of your artwork with your name, your link and the technique or materials you used to make your art.

My tiny painting for 3x3

3x3: Girl in Blue