Awesome New Hallmark Products

Yesterday I was browsing our card shop and came across a lot of awesome kids products which are recently released by Hallmark. There are so many great ones, but here I am going to show you two that I especially love.

The first one is the "Monster Mash" card game by Kelly Green (I've introduced Kelly to you guys back in July.) There are 60 cards in a deck, with 20 different monster characters. And look at the packaging! Isn't it the most adorable packaging ever? I like it so much I ended up buying two boxes.

The second one is a children's book titled "The Most Awesome Pet In The World", illustrated by Bob Kolar and written by Molly Wigand. You can personalize this book with your pet's photos at the very end. It's fun, quirky, and full of cute animals even a grown-up will love!

This is all I can show you. To see all the new kids products you have to check out your local Gold Crown store in person. I believe if they don't carry it, you can ask them to order it for you. : )