Who doesn't like a deal? I'd like to try something here... Even though my Etsy shop is only 2 weeks old, but it's a brand new year, and I've decided to revise my shop policy. From now on, if you buy 2 prints, you will get $5 off for the second one. So for example, one print is $20, two prints will be $35, three prints are $55, but four prints will be $70! Does that make sense?

Here is how to check out when you buy more than one print:
1. When you order more than one print, add items from my shop to your cart and start the check out process as usual.

2. Complete the order with Etsy but DO NOT go to PayPal to pay yet. (However, if you only wish to order one print, you can go ahead and check out with PayPal.)

3. You will receive a revised invoice (in your email linking to your Etsy account, so make sure the email address is correct) and a Paypal link to complete the transaction. The new revised invoice will reflect the discount.

I'd like to try this. And since I am still an Etsy newbie, let me know what you think! : )