Print Give Away Alert!!!

Hello friends! We finally have some warmer weather over here. How about where you are at? I can't wait for spring to come. This winter has been really hard on us; I learned from the news the other day that this has been the second snowiest winter in history for us in KC.

So, to celebrate the better weather (and hopes that it stays), I am going to have a give-away, and the prize is the lovely Birdies print! All you have to do to participate is to either Twitter, Facebook, post a blog or anything in between, to spread the word about this give-away. Then leave me a comment with the link (if no link available, just let me know! Honor system! ), and I will pick one winner next Wednesday. The cut-off time is 10:00pm on March 10 (central US time zone) Good luck!!! XX :D

Note: I will use a random number generator online to pick the winner! : )