A Sneak Peek + Art Exchange Opportunity

Hi guys... are you enjoying this nice weather? I am, but my allergy is also killing me! For whatever reason, this year's allergy is really bad. But a trip to my traditional Chinese doctor today really helped me a lot! So far I haven't taken any antihistamine... keeping my fingers crossed.

Here is a sneak peek of what I am going to offer in my Etsy shop next. They are small and fun!!! I will keep you updated. : )

Also, I hope this weather has put you in the mood of creating! I've been invited by very talented Frizz to do a little fun art exchange thing which I need to invite 6 friends to participate. I've already sent out 6 invitations via Flickr. But, just in case if not all of them can/want to do it, anybody who'd like to participate can drop me a comment here. If any spot is available, I will let you know (first-come, first-served). It should be fun! All you need to do is to make one artwork (whatever size and whatever you want to do) and invite 6 friends to do it. The best part is you should end up with 36 pieces of artworks at the end! So, let me know if you'd like to participate! (Update: I have to opt out this time, because I can't find 6 people quick enough... I guess a lot of folks have already done this exchange already. Maybe next time we can come up with some other way of exchange without the pressure of inviting 6 people down the road?)