New Wooden Brooches

Hi pals, how was your weekend? It's really hot and humid here right now. But you know what? I rather deal with this than the snow, so I am not complaining.

I took Friday off for some much needed rest and created a couple of new brooches! (Actually I also painted but I will share them with you later.) This time I am going for a weathered/vintage look... I want them to look like old toys that have stories behind them. Each of the brooch received a couple of layers of acrylic paints, sanded and stained, then I drew on top of it with a black graphite pencil. To protect the drawings, they all get a layer of matt varnish coating. I then added a layer of felt to finish them up. (Oh, and I used clutch back pins so you can also use these brooches to pin down notes on your tack board if you wish.) Do you like them? : )