A Crafty Weekend

I can still hear the firework outside even though it has past midnight already. How are you? Did you do anything fun this weekend? Got together with your family and had a cook-out, maybe? I spent mine running between craft shops and fabric stores, gathering materials for my new creations. It was really hot and driving around town was exhausting, but I was enjoy every minute of it! Because I am doing something for myself, not for anybody else. It's not about money (even thought it would be nice to make some along the way), but it has everything to do with being able to make whatever I want while figuring out how to make it. To me, it's fun; it's freedom! Even though I am very thankful for my daytime job, I treasure the time I spend working on my own little "store".

I made a long list of things I could make, since I know I will have a craft show in November, and another possible one in October. I made some new brooches to begin with, just to see how it goes. I used the images from my Happy Stampies, so they did go faster since I didn't have to draw on each one, but still it took quite a bit of time to stitch them together. I am thinking next time I can make some of these brooches with fun, hand-lettered initials? Wouldn't that be nice?

PS: One thing I learned this weekend: making yo-yos is really addictive!