Oh well...

...I wish I have more to share with you, but I've been so busy preparing for three coming art fairs (one of them will be this coming Saturday; I will tell you more about it) that I don't even have time to take a break. I think I need to change my shop name to "Happy Sweatshop" instead... -_- Also we have been battling against little mousies in my garage in the past 2 weeks. At first my boyfriend found mouse poops all over my garage (how could I not notice those poops? Maybe I did but I was in denial...) So mouse traps were set all over the garage and we caught 7 during the period of 4 days. Also we found the mousies have gnawed through my garage door and created a very convenient opening for them to get in and out. I might as well put a neon WELCOME sign with an arrow pointing at it. (We did seal it since then.) Anyhoo, eventually the mouse traps stop catching any more critters, but it doesn't mean that they are gone, because we found out on 2 of the traps, instead of getting inside to eat the peanut butter bait, it looked like somebody had tried to peel the sticker off the top instead. Very smart mousies I must say. Also, just now, I think I saw 3 tiny poops in my basement laundry room. 3!!!!!! 3 tiny poops that can drive a human crazy. So pathetic. Maybe it's time to call the exterminator.

Enough said, here is a funny photo to entertain you. It's my real life Engrish encounter at the Asian market today. It a packaging for slim tea, and the name is meant to be saying "I need to stop getting fatter". Look at the translation... And being a fattie of course I bought it.

And here is the whole collection. From left to right their names are: "I've been working too hard", "I need to stop getting fatter", and "I can't fall asleep". Nice... I definitely need the pink one, too.