Last Craft Show in 2010 - Crafty Chicks (It's tomorrow!)

Yay! Long Thanksgiving weekend over here! Did you get to spend Thanksgiving with friends or family and eat a lot of yummy foods yesterday? No matter where you are, I am thankful for you and wish you all have many many blessings to come. (And if you are one of the brave souls who dared to challenge the Black Friday sales, I am thankful that you've survived the possible human stampede and are reading this right now.)

Crafty Chicks Set Up

I just came back from setting up my table for the Crafty Chicks sale tomorrow. This will be my last craft show in 2010. The sale is tomorrow (11/27/2010) from 9 am - 4 pm, at Heritage Hall (117 West Kansas Street, Liberty, Missouri). There are SO MANY cool stuff! Come by if you are in town, even just to say hi. : )