Happy New Year and New Creations

Happy New Year, my friends! How did you spend your new year's eve? Did you spend it with family, friends, or by yourself? Did you count down? Or you fell asleep before the ball dropped? :) I am sure that we all received tons of new years wishes on our blogs, Facebook, or Twitter. I just want to say that no matter what kind of adventures 2011 brings, I hope we can all face our journeys with courage, grace, and the spirit of thanksgiving. May lots and lots of blessings, love, and creativity fill up your new year to come.

That being said, I've been enjoy a nice Christmas/New Year break (our company shuts down between Christmas and New Year, so we are "forced" to take vacation days anyway). Didn't doodle or craft much during the break, but I did read a lot though (PS: I got a new Amazon Kindle; it's the BEST THING ever! If you are thinking about buying one, just get it!) I ate and slept, and then ate and slept again... haha; it's been nice! But yesterday I finally felt like getting back to normal and making something with my hands. I experimented by making jewelries using soda cans, and today I tweaked the designs a little bit. My goal is to make something that a guy could wear, too, and I made a necklace and a bracelet as starters. Now I just need to raid the office recycle bin for a variety of soda cans after going back to work next week. :)