I have a new Etsy shop

I've been thinking about opening another Etsy shop to host my new jewelry pieces because they look so different from my doodle stuff. My new shop's name is Leporis, from the constellation Lepus (the rabbit). I was born in the year of rabbit, but I don't want to name my shop "rabbit" or "bunny". I want a name with a single word that sounds gender neutral and not too cute.

Here are some of the brand new creations in my shop. I went to our local home improvement center and gathered bunch of different parts and hardwares. I played and arranged all the parts until I found a solution that's visually appealing. I then add patinas to all the metal hardwares so they have an aged antique look, then I buffed some of the patina off with sand papers so not all of them have the same colors.

Yellow Linen Button Necklace

Coke Ring

Coffee Button Necklace

Would you come take a look and give me your feedback if you'd like? And if you have an Etsy account, it will be so wonderful if you can add me into your favorite shop and I will add yours to my fav as well. Let's help each other out.

Stay warm; have a great and safe week! xXxxX