Made These Last Night + Dress Form

Double Washers Necklace

The one on the top were actually 2 washers fixed back to back, so both sides look the same. I first added patina and then took the patina away by polishing and sanding the pendant. This process adds depth to the metal. I am thinking this one can work for guys, too, since the finished look is so simple.

The one on the bottom is made from hardware, wood, metal findings and a root beer can. The short silver color bead necklace is very delicate and almost disappears when you wear in, leaving the pendant being the focus. Both necklaces will be added into my shop soon.

Hardware + Wood Necklace

Also, I ordered a life-size dress form; it should arrive today. It's a new one though. I'd love to have one of those vintage Wolf form but they cost a fortune. Yikes! Still I am very excited. That means I can model my jewelries on a real-sized form so people can get a better sense of how the jewelries look like with different outfits on. Will post photos when I have it!

Here is a very interesting film of the manufacturing process of a Wolf dress form, if you are interested.

PS: Thank you all so much for participating in the give-away, There is still time to enter, so spread the words! Keep warm! Xx