New site is up!

My new Site is up!

Finally, I finished what I was supposed to do long long time ago: I got my website up and running. It wasn't planned that I would get it done this weekend (because what I REALLY need to do this weekend is to sort out my tax and numbers, so I can hand them over to my accountant next Tuesday... yikes!) It was all because I put my profile up on Illustration Mundo last Friday, and Nate suggests me to try Squarespace to build a simple website for myself. So I looked into it, started playing around and just couldn't stop until I could get to a point that the site would look somewhat decent. It took me a long time to figure things out around all the technical stuff, as I am not savvy at all when it comes to building a wensite. Now I have a simple home online. It's nothing fancy, just serves the purpose of an online portfolio. Would you come take a look? Click