It has become an obsession...

Since last week, I just couldn't seem to stop drawing potted flowers. Why is that? Maybe it's because I am such a bad gardener and no plants every survive in my house, so to compensate, I draw them instead? Or is it simply because spring is finally here and flowers are starting to bloom in my hood? Either way, they are just too much fun to draw. Also, I can design my own pots on paper, and that's definitely easier than throwing them on the potter's wheel (I am still taking pottery class, by the way, not giving up yet).

Potted Plants Sketch #1

Potted Plants Sketch #3

Potted Plants Sketch #4

Last Thursday, my team at work went to Hallmark's Kearney farm for a relaxing and creative day-away, and we could bring whatever project we want to work on. I packed my woodburning tool and a few wooden panels and finished 2 pieces while being there. My right hand's middle finger had a big blister at the end of the day due to high heat emitted from my tool. (You'd think I should've learned the lesson after a couple of years' woodburning, but I don't. Stupid me.) Here are what I did on Thursday.

Burning in process

(That amazing gourd in front of me is made by Donna Van Hooser. )

Woodburn Potted Plants

I like the color combination, but I don't like the red color seems to bleed along the wood grain a tiny bit. This doesn't happen when I paint on maple, but on birch plywood the red just bleeds. So I did another one last night with just the yellow as background, and I am much happier. Which version do you like? I think tomorrow I am going to get some basswood panels and see if the red color bleeds on them.

Pyrography Potted Plant in Yellow