A little portrait for a little girl named Adora

I'd like to show you a drawing I did for a little girl named Adora.

Here is the story:

I received a sweet email from Adora's dad last Saturday. He had Adora 3 years ago, his first child ever, at age 56. Last year he started commissioning artists from all over the world to create artworks based on photographs of his cute baby daughter. Since then, nearly 600 diverse pieces had been published so far on her blog. So when he invited me to draw his precious daughter, I had to say yes.

My drawing is based on this photo of Adora, and I picked her outfit from her other photos.

If you'd also like to participate in this fun project, you can visit Adora's blog for detail. Adora's family often pays a token fee per submission, or make a donation to a charity of the artist's choice.

Adora's blog, artworks + photos of Adora:

Adora's blog, artworks only: