New wooden doodle bowls for 2013 Hallmarket

I have been busy! Our yearly Hallmarket art fair is coming up tomorrow! On top of prints, brooches and interchangeable necklaces, I made a batch of new decorative wooden doodle bowls. Originally I wasn't planning on making any new bowls this year because these vintage wooden bowls are getting really hard to find locally, and even if I do see them, they are too expensive. But I got lucky one day in the beginning of September and ran into quite a few of these bowls in some local shops with reasonable price, so I bought them all. It's a lengthy process turning them into colorful doodle bowls. I painted the base colors, distressed them with my special antiquing technique, drew on them, then gave them a couple of coats of clear varnish. You can see them all in my Flickr album.

If you are in town and plan to come to Hallamrket tomorrow, there is a possibility that the event might be moved to Sunday due to the weather. Please check the official Facebook page in the morning before heading out. Either way, I hope to see you this weekend if you can make it. : )