Floral Skulls Print

Floral Skulls

Thank you so much for all your kind feedbacks about my October wallpaper. A few of you have asked me if I have this one as a print, so I did it. It turned out quite nice even though originally it was designed as a desktop wallpaper. So here it is, just in case you are interested to hang it on your wall. :)

Busy Busy Busy + Hallmarket 2011

(Poster designed by Dick Daniels)

It's the 3-day Labor day weekend and I am in my full blown sweat shop mode! It's officially one month counting down to Hallmarket. Hallmarket is a Hallmark artist art fair and this is the second year (it was so successful last year, our company decides to make it happen again.) Better yet, there will be double the participating artists from last year and it will be so much fun! I am sharing a booth with my good friend and I will have art prints, my improved interchangeable jewelries, and my doodles bowls/plates for sale. I am hoping to make a fun and colorful display and a lot of stuff have to be done, so I probably won't get much rest until the show. If you are in Kansas City during that weekend, please make sure to stop by and check it out. I guarantee it will be a wonderful event!

Here are two of my doodle bowls that will be available at the art fair, and also, my post from last year's Hallmarket.

Doodle Bowl

Doodle Bowl

PS: Since I am making new stuff for the art fair, I now have a few silver color interchangeable necklaces available, and a new simple interchangeable brooch as well.

Interchangeable Necklace

Have a wonderful weekend! Xx

Bunch of Brooches

Hand Burnt Owl Brooch

Hand burnt designs

It was gray and rainy yesterday, so I stayed inside, cranked up Jimi Hendrix on my iPod and burned away, from around 3pm all the way into midnight... Well, I did cook dinner and finished my laundry in between.; it was nice! Made bunch of little buttons; they have lots of details packed inside the tiny area (15/16" in diameter) and the process did take a toll on my eyes after a while. Also, for each 10 pieces you see here, another 10 failed pieces were attempted. But I really enjoy working on these tiny things, I don't know why, maybe because they look more precious since they are small. I've just added them into my shop; would you like to adopt one?

Brooch Front

Owl Brooch on Cardigan