What I Found Today

Peter Cottontail Vintage Wind-Up Toy

Peter Cottontail Vintage Wind-Up Toy

Went to our local antique mall today (one of my favorite activity) and brought home this adorable vintage Peter Cottontail wind-up toy. His ears are missing but that doesn't bothers me at all (He looks like a seal without the ears, so funny! I'm planning to find a little hat for him to cover up the holes.) The wind-up part works, too, click the movie to hear it.

What I Bought Today

Lion Cookie Jar (Front View)

I got this cute lion cookie jar at Anthropologie today. It was on sale, lucky me! It totally reminds me of Swedish ceramic artist Lisa Larson's work. I am not sure if this lion is based on her design (no name on the bottom of the piece), but it sure looks like one of her creations which I admire big time.

Lion Cookie Jar (Back View)

Diary: This Weekend

First, my mom is here visiting me for 40 days... so if I am less productive during this time, that's why. :)

Margaret Layton: Blinky

On Friday Robert and I went to the regular monthly "first Friday" treasure hunt, and I got lucky again (last time I got the "Mixies", remember?). I got two awesome framed owly prints by Margaret Layton, titled "Blinky" and "Winky". Look like they are some sort of hand-colored prints, and they are really lovely. I do need to replace one of the glass, re-paint the wood frames, and add mats for both of them. But I only paid $38 for the pair so I am not complaining.

Margaret Layton: Winky

Also I got a little owl container as well. I already had one of this; now I have two!

Owl Container

Because it was the "First Friday" (On the first Friday of each month, Kansas City's Crossroads district's art galleries, studios, and restaurants open their doors to showcase local and national artists, and the area is always packed with people.), after work we went to Mattie Rhodes Art Center for their Dia De Los Muertos exhibition. After that we stayed and listened to a blues band playing on 18th street (pardon my bad camera). It was kind of chilly but the perfect weather for such an activity.

Firsts Friday on 18th Street, KC, MO

And today I took my mom to Mattie Rhodes Art Center again and showed her around the artsy neighborhood. It was a perfect fall day.

Mattie Rhodes Art Center

Mixies is now on my Flickr

1956 Mixies

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got lucky and found this amazing set of Mixies cards in a local antique shop for $3. The illustrations in this deck are absolutely stunning. It took me a couple of hours scanning and cleaning the images, and now the Mixies set is on my Flickr. I tried to track down any information regarding the illustrator but couldn't find anything. If you know anything about it, please let me know!

Also, while I researched online, I found this blog posted by The Jacky Winter Group, an Australian agency for illustrators, and how they put together a set of promo piece using Mixies as their inspiration. Check it out.

Mixies® is a product by Ed-U-Cards, ©1956

Lucky Find + Super Cute Music Videos

1956 Mixies

I got lucky today! I found a box of "Mixies" in a local antique shop for only $3! Here's just a teaser. It will take me a little bit of time to scan everything, so stay put. (Mixies ©1956 Ed-U-Cards Mfg. Corp. L.I.C. N.Y. Prid. in U.S.A.)

Also to kick start the long weekend, here are two super dooper cute music videos by U900, a Japanese Ukulele Duo. They will for sure put you in a good mood!